The Last Mambo

The Last Mambo, a documentary which explores the past, present and future of the Salsa/Latin Jazz music and dance community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Profiles of salsa/Latin jazz musicians, dancers and D.J.s, promotional trailer, photographs, artwork, artists profiles, links to Afro-Cuban music websites, links to Salsa music and dance websites. Documentary to be release on Wayne Wallace's record label, Patois Records, spring of 2015.


MILLENNIUM SALSA (2000 and Beyond)

1994 José Francisco Barroso ,Folklorist, Dancer, Drummer, Singer, Awo-comes the Bay Area from Havana Cuba where he was principal dancer and soloist with the Compania Folklorica Raices Profundas. Since his arrival in the United States, he has conducted master classes and workshops in the Yoruba, Congo and Haitian traditions at a number of different universities and settingsHe is an electrifying performer and founder of Obasoko, a dance company devoted to the development,creation and production of original choreographic works rooted in the  in the African Cuban folkloric music and dance tradition.

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See this video below of Jose Francisco Barroso dancing for Orisha Chango with Mike Spiro and Jorge Alabe Bataketu.

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