The Last Mambo

The Last Mambo Community Screening Event
Join us October 18, 8pm at the California Jazz Conservatory for a special community screening event!

Mambo Goes to Hollywood

Hi all,

Time for another “The Last Mambo” update.  At the end of November I took my photos and my sales pitch for “The Last Mambo” to Santa Monica for the American Film Market.  I joined over 8,000 producers, film makers, distributors, actors, directors and distributors from 70+ countries who represent the global film industry who converge in Santa Monica every November for eight days of deal-making. Hundreds of millions of dollars in production and distribution deals are sealed every year on both completed films and those in every stage of development and production.

A wild ride–tons of people “taking meetings,” pitching stories and trying to close multimillion dollar deals. Of course the best deals went to the 3-D animated alien-vampire slayer-end of the world romantic comedies.

With a little luck and lot more work, I’ll be back there next year with a finished film,  a polished pitch and distribution deal with Netflix.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck.