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Who Killed Salsa?

In the old days Salsa for me was as wild and exciting  as a homecoming  party filled with joyful friends, sizzling live music and unbridled  fun.  Today those heady moments that we call “salsa highs” are hard to find.   Has the  soul of salsa slipped away?

Check out this article by Amaranta Wright,

"Did Salsa Dancers Kill Salsa Music?" on a website devoted to Latino Life UK Latin and Spanish News, Events, Arts, Culture, Reviews and Music

Let me know what you think.


Rebeca Mauleon


In 2012  I had the pleasure of chatting  with Rebeca Mauleon–a Bay Area music legend and currently director of education for the San Francisco Jazz.

Rebeca Mauleon spent her youth hanging out at Mission Cultural Center absorbing  Afro-Caribbean music and arts.  With the support of her family and the Bay Area music community she has emerged as  an internationally acclaimed musician, bandleader, composer, GRAMMY-nominated producer and educator as well as author and reviewer. As a pianist Mauleon follows a long-standing tradition of Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz performers, and her expertise in Afro-Caribbean and Latin American music places her at the forefront of the musicological community, resulting in a multidimensional career spanning over three decades.

Rebeca’s hard-rocking approach to  the piano and her high-energy musical direction have been dubbed “visceral” (Billboard Magazine), “fiery” (Utne Reader), and critics have lauded her as “one of the hippest band-leaders in Latin music today” (Allmusic).

I can’t wait for you to check out  her interview when it appears in “The Last Mambo.”  Stay tuned for more on Rebeca and the opening of the new home of  San Francisco Jazz.